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Singing Bowls : Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tingsha, Cymbal, Bells and wide range of Metal Crafts from Nepal.
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  :: Making Process of Tingsha Ting-sha Taa » 

Tingsha Ting-sha are produced by metal casting process with the technique of sand casting method and by hand hammering or beating process as well. For sand casting purpose, the master mould are prepared from the master dice of desired size and shaped Tingsha Ting-sha with the use of sand, clay and dice.

In Casting Tingsha Ting-sha making process, first the various composition of metals (Copper, Tin, Zinc, Iron, Lead, Gold and Silver) as raw materials are melted into furnace depending on manufacturing needs such as for bronze Tingsha Ting-sha or for seven metal Tingsha Ting-sha making. In this casting Tingsha Ting-sha making process the mixture of various metal combination according to product needs are turned into metal gulli, ingots and metal silly or biscuits to make available for small casting or directly melting as raw materials like scrap metals (copper, tin etc, cracked or damaged Tingsha Ting-sha) dividing their percentage of metal mix for casting.

The prepared red hot melted metal are poured into the casting mould ready for sand casting. After few minutes of pouring the metal are turned into desired shape and size of Tingsha Ting-sha in rough finish according to mould prepared. And each time the master artisan has to prepare a master mould for the next lot of sand casting process of Tingsha Ting-sha. Each mould will have a capacity to produce 4 - 6 Tingsha Ting-sha one at a time of sand casting depending on sizes required.

The process of making hand hammered and beaten Tingsha Ting-sha are same as of hand beaten singing bowls making process.

The individual Tingsha Ting-sha are then chiseled, made turning and smoothening rough surface of Tingsha Ting-sha for fine finishing and looks from inside and outside surface according to finishing needs. After then, bowls are processed for giving final finish touch either by hand sanding (matte finish) or by buffing or polishing for glossy finish and finally Tingsha Ting-sha are produced and ready to sell and release for the market.

And as per needed, these Tingsha Ting-sha are sent for other process like hand carvings, antique color finishing, colorings, paintings and etching process.

In this sand casting making process of Tingsha Ting-sha, the Tingsha Ting-sha produced will have uniform shape and size and produced fast in making. These casting process are done for producing Plain Tingsha , Tingsha with the embossed arts works like with tibetan mantra om mani padme hum, dragon, eight auspicious symbols, and Tinny Tingsha.

These casting Tingsha Ting-sha are widely popular for meditation, charka balancing, sound therapy, sound massage, healing, water therapy, space clearing, feng shui, decoration and gift sets. It produces a very special rimming and distinct sound and vibration than other types of Tingsha Ting-sha. But the sound and vibration produced will be different with the shape, size, weight and thickness of the Tingsha Ting-sha.

These Tingsha or Ting-sha also can be decorated with various carvings and paintings which reflects religious beliefs and motifs like the hand carving of Eight Auspicious Buddhist Symbols, Om Mani Padme Hum tibetan mantra, Dragon design, Double Dorje Carvings, Various Mandalas, Louts Designs with various colors and hand painting, platings and etching for better looks and decorations.

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