Cottage Craft Nepal, based in Nepal, is a distinguished Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Exporter of Nepalese Handicrafts, specializing in singing bowls, bells, gongs, tingsha, decorative crafts, religious crafts (butter lamps, offering bowls) and various metal wares. Our metal handicrafts, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Nepal, embody generations of traditional workmanship. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we prioritize client satisfaction by delivering exquisite products that reflect our dedication to excellence.

We prioritize building enduring relationships with our clients, earning a reputation for professionalism and quality worldwide. Using premium materials, we offer competitively priced, custom-designed products to meet unique specifications. Our extensive range, displayed online, aims to simplify selection for optimal satisfaction.

Our clientele spans across the US, Europe, and Asia, including countries like Japan, Singapore, and India. We prioritize long-term relationships with our clients, offering custom-designed products to meet their specific needs. Operating primarily on a B2B basis, we focus on specializing in e-commerce,Internet, wholesalers, resellers, and distributors for bulk transactions. 

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 For further inquiries, reach out to us at info@thesingingbowls.com.