Antique Bowls

Antique singing bowls are a type of musical instrument with a rich history and cultural significance. These bowls are often made of a combination of metals, typically seven, which include copper, tin, zinc, iron, lead, gold, and silver. Antique Bowls are hand-made bowls of excellent quality that have soothing tones and a multitude of healing harmonics. Each of these bowls is an example of gracefully aging and is believed to have a variety of balanced tones.

The exact composition of the metals can vary and affects the sound produced by the bowl. In the world of singing bowls, antique singing bowls are exceptional. It is composed of a premium metal alloy, has a sturdy hardwood mallet, and a gorgeous silk cushion. 

Compared to other singing bowls, these singing bowls are huge or medium-sized, well-hammered, expertly made, and exquisitely aged fashioned. It gives a rich tone and a tranquil character with its antiquated quality. An old singing bowl plays a G# tone that resonates with the throat chakra and affects things like dreaming, speaking your truth, and believing in yourself. It produces a tranquil, serene, and relaxing sound when tapped or played. The bowl promotes happiness and balance.

Medium Jam

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Ulta Bati

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