Carving Bowls

Carving bowls, also known as hand-carved or sculpted singing bowls, are exquisite musical instruments that showcase the artistry and craftsmanship of skilled artisans. These bowls are meticulously crafted by carving intricate designs and patterns directly into the metal surface. The carving process requires precision, patience, and a keen eye for detail, resulting in bowls that are true works of art.

Carving bowls allows for a high level of artistic expression, as artisans can create elaborate and intricate designs that range from symbolic motifs to nature-inspired patterns. Each carved bowl is a unique masterpiece, reflecting the creativity and skill of its creator. When played, these bowls produce resonant and melodic tones, enhanced by the craftsmanship of the carving. Carving bowls not only serve as musical instruments but also as decorative pieces, cherished for their aesthetic beauty and the cultural heritage they represent.

Medicine Buddha Carved

Product Code: BO720MBCM

Beaten Bowls - Tara Carving

Product Code: BO722TC

Pancha Buddha Carving

Product Code: BO730PBCM

Shakyamuni Buddha Carved

Product Code: BO725SBCM

Amitabha Buddha Carved

Product Code: BO720ABCA

Vairochana Buddha Carved

Product Code: BO725VBCM

Shree Yantra Carved

Product Code: BO720SYCM

Green Tara Carved

Product Code: BO721GTCM

Manjushree Carved

Product Code: BO721MCM

Auspicious Symbol Carved

Product Code: BO721ACBR

Om Mani Mantra Carved

Product Code: BO721OCBR

Dragon Carved

Product Code: BO721DCBR

Singing Bowl - Vairochan Buddha Carved

Product Code: BO720VBCM