Fine Etching Singing Bowls

Fine etching singing bowls are exquisite and meticulously crafted instruments that offer a unique and captivating musical experience. These bowls, often made from a blend of metals such as bronze, copper, and tin, are carefully hand-hammered to create a resonant and harmonious sound. What sets fine etching singing bowls apart is the intricate and delicate etching work that adorns their surfaces. Skilled artisans employ traditional techniques to etch intricate patterns, symbols, or designs onto the bowl's exterior, resulting in a stunning visual display.

The etching process involves precise handwork and attention to detail, as the artisans carefully engrave the designs onto the metal surface. The patterns can range from traditional motifs inspired by ancient cultures to more contemporary and abstract designs. Each etched singing bowl is truly unique, with its own character and personality. When played, these bowls produce a rich and vibrant sound, resonating with a warm and soothing tone that can induce a sense of calm and relaxation. Whether used for meditation, sound healing, or as a decorative piece, fine etching singing bowls are not only beautiful to behold but also offer a mesmerizing auditory experience that enchants and uplifts the spirit.

P- Etching - White Tara

Product Code: BO725PEWT

P- Etching - Shakyamuni Buddha

Product Code: BO720PESM

P- Etching - Medicine Buddha

Product Code: BO725PEMB

P- Etching - Manjushree

Product Code: BO720PEM

P- Etching - Khadcheri

Product Code: BO725PEK

P- Etching - Green Tara

Product Code: BO720PEGT

P- Etching - Flower of Life 2

Product Code: BO720PEFL

P- Etching - Flower of Life 1

Product Code: BO725PEFL

P- Etching - Abalokeswor

Product Code: BO720PEAL

P- Etching - Amitabh Buddha

Product Code: BO725PEAB

P- Etching - Kuber

Product Code: BO720PEK

P- Etching - Yogi

Product Code: BO720PEY

P- Etching - Jikche Nakpo

Product Code: BO725PEJN