Flat Singing Bowls

Flat singing bowls, also known as flat-base singing bowl are a unique variation of traditional singing bowls. As the name suggests, these bowls have a flat bottom surface, which sets them apart from the rounded or curved bottoms of typical singing bowls. It is often used for meditation practices and sound healing. Their flat base allows for easy placement on the body, making them ideal for placing directly on the chest, abdomen, or other parts of the body during relaxation or therapy sessions. The flat surface creates a stable contact point, enhancing the transfer of vibrations and resonance into the body. They are valued for their therapeutic qualities, helping to induce deep relaxation, relieve stress, and facilitate meditation. 

Singing Bowl - Mandala Carving

Product Code: F717MCP

Singing Bowl - Asta Mangal Carving

Product Code: F717ACP

Singing Bowl - Green Lotus Om

Product Code: F714LGR

Singing Bowl - Green Lotus Om Eye

Product Code: F714OLGR

Singing Bowl - Black Dorje Om Design

Product Code: F714ODBL

Singing Bowl - Black Chinese Symbol

Product Code: F714CBL

Singing Bowl - Black ShreeYantra

Product Code: F714SYBL

Singing Bowl - Black Dorje Design

Product Code: F714DBL

Singing Bowl - Green Chinese Symbol

Product Code: F710CGR

Singing Bowl - Glossy

Product Code: F714G

Singing Bowl - Silver Wash Glossy

Product Code: F709SG

Singing Bowl - Ying Yang Design

Product Code: F714YGB

Singing Bowl - Buddha Green

Product Code: F710BGR

Singing Bowl - Ying Yang Marron

Product Code: F710YMR

Singing Bowl - Cloud Om Antique

Product Code: F714CLAE

Singing Bowl - Black

Product Code: F714BL

Singing Bowl - Mandala Design

Product Code: F714MBL