Full Moon Bowls

Full moon bowls, also known as lunar singing bowls or moon-phase singing bowls, are special variations of singing bowls that are crafted with a unique intention. These bowls are designed to resonate with the energy and symbolism of the full moon, harnessing its powerful and transformative qualities. Full moon bowls are often created in alignment with the lunar cycle and are believed to carry the energy of heightened intuition, manifestation, and release.

These bowls are typically adorned with symbols or engravings that represent the moon phases, such as the full moon itself or the waxing and waning crescents. They serve as reminders of the cyclical nature of life and the continuous process of growth and renewal. When played, full moon bowls emit harmonious and ethereal tones that are said to amplify intentions, aid in meditation, and facilitate deep energetic shifts. These bowls hold a special place in spiritual practices, providing a connection to the celestial realm and inviting the transformative energies of the full moon into personal rituals and healing ceremonies.

Thick-Edge Moon Bowls

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Moon Bowl

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