Hand Beaten Gong B Model

The hand-beaten gong Crafted with meticulous skill and precision, this percussion instrument is made from a bronze alloy and shaped into a convex disk with a distinct rim. Its rich and resonant sound is produced by striking the surface with a padded mallet or by using a hand to create a swirling motion, creating a unique tonal quality that is both enchanting and powerful. The art of hand-beating gongs requires expertise and experience, as skilled artisans carefully shape and tune each gong to achieve its desired pitch and timbre. The process involves heating the bronze alloy and skillfully hand-hammering the metal into the desired shape, resulting in a gong with a characteristic mix of harmonics and overtones. The hand-beaten gong is used as cultural and ceremonial significance.

Gong with Stand

Product Code: GWS2

Gong with Stand

Product Code: GWS1

Gong A - Astamangal Design

Product Code: GA720AEA

Gong A - Triangle Design

Product Code: GA725TEBR

Gong B - Astamangal Brown

Product Code: GB727AEBR

Gong B - Glossy

Product Code: GB730G

Gong B - Triangle Brown

Product Code: GB720TEBR

Gong B - Astamangal Brown

Product Code: GB733AEBR

Gong B - Om Mani Black

Product Code: GB730OBL

Gong B - Glossy with Stand

Product Code: GWS5

Gong B - Antique Design

Product Code: GWS8A