Height Singing Bowls

The height signing bowls are named based on its vertical dimension from base to rim. We have various heights of singing bowls in different sizes and designs. The vertical height of singing bowl plays a significant role in determining the characteristics of the sound produced. Generally, larger singing bowls with greater height tend to produce lower-pitched tones, while smaller bowls with less height produce higher-pitched tones. This relationship between height and pitch is influenced by the bowl's overall size, thickness, and shape.

The height of a singing bowl affects the amplitude and duration of the vibrations produced when played. When struck or played with a mallet, the bowl resonates and vibrates, creating sound waves. A taller singing bowl will have a larger surface area and a greater capacity to store energy, resulting in longer-lasting vibrations and a deeper, more resonant sound. Conversely, shorter bowls have less surface area and tend to produce higher, brighter tones with shorter sustain.

Singing Bowl - Height Om Mani Design

Product Code: H709ODBL

Singing Bowl - Om Mani Carving Silver

Product Code: H711OCSMC

Singing Bowl - Silver Wash Glossy

Product Code: H709SG

Singing Bowl - Asta Mangal Carving

Product Code: H713ACSMC

Singing Bowl - Height Glossy

Product Code: H711G

Singing Bowl - Dragon Carved Brown

Product Code: H711DCABR

Singing Bowl - Om Mani Antique Design

Product Code: H709OBAE

Singing Bowl - Om Mani Carved Brown

Product Code: H711OCABR