Plain Beaten Singing Bowls

Plain Beaten Singing Bowls, are crafted with meticulous skill and precision. These unadorned bowls have a smooth surface and produce a resonant and melodic sound. Made from a combination of metals, they are carefully tuned and shaped by skilled artisans. When played, they create soothing vibrations that promote relaxation, reduce stress, and facilitate meditation. With their therapeutic and spiritual qualities, plain beaten singing bowls have become popular instruments for sound healing, as well as for adding a unique and enchanting element to music compositions. They serve as a reminder of ancient traditions and wisdom, connecting people to a sense of mindfulness, inner peace, and harmony in the modern world. 

Beaten Singing Bowl - Gulpa Design

Product Code: BO718KM

Beaten Singing Bowl - Thick Edge

Product Code: BO721TEM

Big Beaten Singing Bowl - Antique

Product Code: BO745HM

Big Beaten Antique Singing Bowl

Product Code: BO745A

Brown Colored

Product Code: BO721BR

Ghya Pulan

Product Code: BO721GP

Beaten Singing Bowl - Antique

Product Code: BO725A