Tingsha, also known as Tibetan cymbals, are small metal musical instruments with great significance in Buddhism. These handheld cymbals, typically made from brass or bronze, produce a melodious sound when struck together. They are used in religious rituals, meditation practices, and healing ceremonies. The clear, resonant sound of tingsha helps create a serene atmosphere, aiding in relaxation, concentration, and spiritual connection. In ceremonies, tingsha are played alongside other instruments to clear negative energies and invoke blessings. They have also gained popularity in sound healing therapies and mindfulness practices. Tingsha embody the interplay of sound, mindfulness, and devotion, offering a pathway to inner peace and spiritual transformation.

Tingsha - Astamangal Glossy

Product Code: TC707AM

Tingsha - Astamangal Carving Antique

Product Code: TC707ACA

Tingsha - Astamangal Carving Antique

Product Code: TC708ACA

Tingsha - Astamangal Antique

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Tingsha - Astamangal Antique

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Tingsha - Dragon carving

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Tingsha - Dragon Glossy

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Tingsha - Glossy

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Tingsha - Hammered Glossy

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Tingsha - Om Asta Design

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Tingsha - Om Lotus Blue

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Tingsha - Om Mani Black

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Tingsha - Om Mani Glossy

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Tingsha - Om Mani Marron

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Tingsha - Dragon Black

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Tingsha - Astamangal Carving

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Tingsha - Dragon Carving

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Tingsha - Om Mani Carving

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Tingsha - Set 1

Product Code: TC707S1

Tingsha - Set 2

Product Code: TC707S2

Tingsha - Set 3

Product Code: TC707S3

Tingsha - Astamangal Antique

Product Code: TC707AA

Tingsha- Om Mani Carved Antique

Product Code: TB7060CBR